Critical Illness

What you need to know

What is Critical Illness coverage?

Create space to focus when life throws the unexpected. With Critical Illness coverage, you’ll have peace of mind and protection when diagnosed with a serious illness.  

If you’re diagnosed with a serious illness, you may receive a lump-sum payment. This financial security can help you navigate your new reality—whether that includes home alterations, psychological therapy, family transportation, or day care benefits—you’ll be supported when you need it most.

Get Started: Open a Claim

Step 1

If you need to open a Critical Illness claim, contact your plan administrator. They’ll provide you with a form to fill out and will submit the form to GroupSource on your behalf.

Step 2

That’s it! A GroupSource specialist will work with you through the duration of your claim to make sure you’re supported during this difficult time.

Get Protected

Start planning for the unexpected. If you’re interested in enrolling in Critical Illness coverage, contact your plan administrator. Completing a medical questionnaire may be required to enroll in this benefit.